....The House of
Oddities was born.....
A Fun Bedtime Story The
Children Will Love....
And with that....history
begins to
repeat itself.....
here lies miss macabre noir
not a witch, just plain evil
1665 ~ 1692
here lies dr. morose
home remedies aren't always the cure
1817 ~ 1840
enter macabre's obituary
and learn the horrible truth
enter morose's obituary
and get the diagnosis
There are voices that whisper in the dark part of everyone's grey matter.
Most, choose to ignore them.  We made the terrible mistake of listening to
what they had to say.....
It is said that you live many lives, and that the past will inevitably repeat
itself....what if death is merely physical and life is recycled?  What if those
past lives are still a part of you?  
The voices of our past lives scream loud visions and we had no choice but
to listen.
The human skull can withstand 200 pounds of pressure....the voices began
to surpass that.
There was only one thing to do.....their names are Morose and Macabre,
we built them a house.....and let them loose.