Miss Macabre Noir was born in 1665, one of two twin girls. The first girl born, was pure in nature and light of heart. The
second girl birthed, did not make a sound and seemed almost angry about her entry into this world.
As the girls aged, something sinister began to fester in the latter of the twins. Her parents knew that something evil was
growing in their daughter, and it was only a matter of time until it emerged.
At the age of 9, as the story goes, late one beautiful afternoon the girls were left unattended while playing in the barn
that housed the families horses and tools. Blood curdling screams were soon heard for miles. Their father was the first
to arrive at the gruesome scene. Of his two daughters, only one was still alive....drenched in her sister's remains, a
bloodied axe lay at her feet. She gazed over her mangled sisters body, almost admiring her work and then turned to her
father and with a face as cold as stone simply said, "It was an accident".
The mother and father knew not what to do with a 9 year old girl with homicide on her hands. Several exorcisms ensued.
With the hopes they had rid their now only child of the demons that were embedded within her, they moved from the
village to escape the swirling rumors, hushed conversations, and the horrible memory of the way their first born
daughter had been brutally murdered by her only sister.
At the age of 25, Miss Macabre Noir returned, alone. She took up residence in the very house she had spent the early
years of her life. For the most part, she kept to herself and rarely emerged from the house at all except to creep off to
the barn in which she had committed her brutal childhood crime.
Over the next few years, the village was plagued with several mysterious diseases and freak accidents....and
then...several of the children began to disappear. The towns people knew who was the cause of their recent misfortune,
and Miss Macabre had been seen on two occasions speaking with two of the children who had gone missing.
When the people of the village stormed her home in the spring of 1692, they found a most disturbing scene. A bone
garden, deep in the brush of her back yard littered with the skeletal remains of what were once children. A bathtub filled
to the brim with human blood and the floors and furniture were scattered with voodoo dolls and strange artwork
decorated the walls.....a bloodied axe sit propped in the corner. Declared a witch and a murderer, Miss Macabre was
hung at the gallows.
When the executioner asked her last words, she spat in his face, chuckled, and addressed the onlookers, "You think
you can get rid of me this easily?!"