Dr. Morose was born in 1817, an orphan.  At the age of 7 he began picking up some most unusual habits.  Performing
small cosmetic and deadly surgeries on the other children, he was ejected from nearly every orphanage in the state and
forced to live a life alone.  
He descended into the neighboring woods to take shelter and for the next four years, spent hours on end building what
would become the scene of several gruesome and deadly surgeries.
With no formal medical training, at the age of 16 he began to teach himself the tricks of the trade.  First, practicing on
small animals who unwittingly stumbled into his clutches.....but soon he moved on to bigger prey.  
Over the next few years, several homeless men and harlots began to disappear from the neighboring town.  
Botched transplants, cosmetic surgeries, and amputations angered and frustrated him into finding more and more
victims.  His methods became more meticulous, sneaking up behind and knocking out his victims, then sewing shut their
mouths so that when they were to regain consciousness they were unable to scream through gruesome procedures
without anesthesia.
As the bodies count increased, so did the chronic and maddening headaches.  When ether failed to dull the pain, the
"good doctor" turned to more drastic measures.
Some unsuspecting hunters stumbled upon the shack, only to find a scene of grisly horror - the doctor's body lay on the
floor in a pool of clotted gore with a hole in his skull and a crude drill in hand. Apparently he had died in a fevered
attempt to alleviate the pain in his head. Upon further inspection of the premises, more bodies were discovered in a
mass shallow grave, but all were unidentifiable due to horrible mutilations. Missing limbs, too many limbs, and entire
bodies sewn together to create grotesqueries never before imagined...
A journal was found chronicling the horrors committed. The final entry was dated October 7th, 1840, it read:

"The headaches are getting worse and worse and with each day that passes, I'm running out of room for my mistakes. I
read about a method called "trephination" to relieve pressure on the brain. It seems fairly simple. I'm confident that I will
be able to fashion a tool to perform the operation and continue my attempts to reanimate the dead. There is important
work to be done and I will not let mortality stand in my way."